The 9 Best of the Best Hot Springs in Japan

You can crawl over just about every inch of Japan and find yourself within shouting distance of a magical hot spring. But while some spots are more famous than others, that doesn’t always mean that they’re the cream of the crop. See which ones are the best of the best in this list.

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The 6 Best Onsen in Kumamoto

Located deep in the south of Japan, Kumamoto (heck, Kyushu as a whole) doesn’t get enough love. It’s a shame, because that part of the country has a lot to offer from unique castle architecture to gorgeous outdoor destinations like Yakushima. And let’s not forget that there are some incredible onsen, too. Read on to get ideas for your next Kyushu onsen adventure.

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The Perfect Mt. Fuji Day Trip – Itineraries, Tours, and More

Looking for a breath of fresh air after spending time in Japan’s big cities? Look no further than Mount Fuji, one of the most incredible outdoor destinations Japan has to offer. There are plenty of set tours with a number of price ranges for first timers. However, with Japan becoming more accessible to English speakers, it’s never been easier to personalize your journey. Get ideas for your trip to Mount Fuji in this article.


14 Fun Mount Fuji Trip Ideas

As one of the most recognizable landmarks in Japan, Mount Fuji shows up on a lot of bucket lists for visitors to the country. And when you think of Mount Fuji, climbing is often the image that comes to mind. But you can do more at Mt. Fuji than just climb! Read on to get some ideas for your trip to this sacred mountain.

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