A Friend in Heat

Cycling across Japan isn't a novel idea, but doing it with friends who aren't the least bit prepared might be. Add one of the hottest of Japanese summers to date and you have a recipe for a funny story. Read all about it here!

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Bath House Rules

Stepping into a Japanese bath house for the first time is like falling face-first into a whole new world. There are sights you never thought you'd see, relaxation you never thought you'd know, and rules. Oh the rules. Learn all you need to know (not actually), and have fun with it here!

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The Nail That Sticks Out

A famous old phrase that you'll see put into practice every day if you ever teach in Japan. Heck, even if you just visit you'll probably see it. Here are a few of the nails I've seen over the years.

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Love at First Japan – A Forever Foreign Essay

Everyone's first trip to Japan is different. Mine just so happened to be full of little bumps in the road that shone a positive light on the whole experience. Take a peek at the first of the Forever Foreign essays, a look at some of the many faces that Japan has to offer.

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