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  • The Harry Potter Theme Park in Tokyo: Layout, Tickets & More
    The Harry Potter theme park in Tokyo is a studio tour with sets like Diagon Alley re-created by those who worked on the films. The design is similar to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London, England. However, it’ll be even bigger and organizers have said that it will include exclusive content. Read all of the magical details here.
  • Traditional Japanese Bath Houses – 7 Tips for First-Timers
    Traditional Japanese bath houses, or sento, are a bit of a rarity in Japan these days, but onsen, or hot springs, are alive and well. When you get down to it, they’re almost the exact same thing. They both involve stripping down in a change area, washing yourself, and letting your troubles melt away. Read up on all the rules you need to know before going here.

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  • The Top 7 Kyoto Illumination Events in 2023-24
    Kyoto is the cultural capital of Japan with an abundance of traditional architecture, it has also become a hotspot for fantastic nighttime light shows. Read on to see the top 7 illumination events in Kyoto in 2023-24.
  • The Top 8 Illumination Events in Tokyo 2023-24
    apan has really started to embrace the Christmas spirit recently with so many magical illuminations around the country. And what better place to visit than the nation’s capital and its surrounding regions. Read on for the best 8 illumination spots in Tokyo in 2023-24.

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  • The Cost of Living in Japan: What to Expect and How to Save
    The cost of living in Japan is generally lower than countries in North America or Europe. Studio apartment rent can be as low as ¥30,000 ($225 USD) per month in the countryside to ¥90,000 ($670 USD) in the expensive parts of Tokyo. Non-rent related COL factors total roughly ¥160,000 ($1,200 USD) per month on average. Learn how it all breaks down here.
  • Cost of Living in Rural Japan – The Countryside Breakdown
    The cost of living in rural Japan is less on average than in cities, mainly due to lower rent. It’s also a more affordable setting to purchase real estate and raise a family, making it ideal for those planning long-term. Learn exactly how it all breaks down in this article.

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  • A Friend in Heat
    Cycling across Japan isn’t a novel idea, but doing it with friends who aren’t the least bit prepared might be. Add one of the hottest of Japanese summers to date and you have a recipe for a funny story. Read all about it here!
  • Bath House Rules
    Stepping into a Japanese bath house for the first time is like falling face-first into a whole new world. There are sights you never thought you’d see, relaxation you never thought you’d know, and rules. Oh the rules. Learn all you need to know (not actually), and have fun with it here!