The Harry Potter Theme Park in Tokyo: Layout, Tickets & More

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Fans of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts rejoice. The latest and greatest theme park devoted to the wizarding world is open in Japan. Get your passports ready.

The Harry Potter theme park in Tokyo is a studio tour with sets like Diagon Alley re-created by those who worked on the films. The design is similar to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London, England. However, it’s even bigger and includes exclusive content like the London Ministry of Magic set.

Read on and find out what to expect and how to get in.

What is Tokyo’s Harry Potter World?

The tour can be compared to Nagoya’s Ghibli Park design. It doesn’t cater to thrill-seekers looking to hop on roller coasters or 3D rides like the ones you can find in Universal Studios’ Harry Potter World.

Instead, the focus is on an immersive environment with an attention to detail that makes it feel like you’re in the movies. There are authentic sets that you can walk through, props from the movies, and sounds that make it feel like you’re heading for Pumpkin Pasties in the Great Hall.

Think of it as your best shot at becoming a witch or wizard.

Where is the Harry Potter Theme Park in Japan?

Japan’s Harry Potter theme park is in the old Toshimaen amusement park grounds in Nerima, Tokyo. The site used to be the home of a sprawling theme park with roller coasters and a large water park, but it closed in August of 2020.

Colorful entrance to Toshimaen in Tokyo, now the site of Tokyo's Harry Potter theme park
Toshimaen, now home to the Harry Potter Tour

That area was stripped down and re-purposed, making room for the largest Harry Potter theme park on the planet. Even the nearby train station was re-designed so that it feels like you’re pulling into Hogsmead Station as you enter the park by train from Tokyo.

How exactly did they renovate it? In many, magical ways, of course!

Harry Potter World Tokyo Features

As the atmosphere is the main selling point of the Warner Brothers Studio Tour, organizers focused on making every corner of the place wizardly.

There are special sets, props, food, and more.


The inside of Hagrid's Hut at the Harry Potter theme park in Tokyo
Hagrid’s Hut
Photo by Tom Kulczycki

As with the London Harry Potter tour, there are several sets that you can stroll through. Currently there are five listed for when the Tokyo park:

  • Diagon Alley
  • The Great Hall
  • The Forbidden Forest
  • Platform 9 and 3/4
  • London Ministry of Magic (Tokyo exclusive)

You can walk through each of these areas, take pictures, and wave your magic wands to your heart’s content.

Suits used in the Harry Potter movies lined up in a dark room
Photo by liam siegel


Inside each of the sets you’ll also encounter authentic props used in the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts movies. Some of these will be wardrobe pieces, but there will also be things like wands and even re-created characters like Buckbeak and Dobby.

Food and Drink

Most fans of the Harry Potter books and movies will agree that wizarding cuisine is every bit as enchanting as the spells and magical creatures. From butter beer to Great Hall feasts, there was plenty to make your mouth water. And you can get a taste of it at a few different sections within the Harry Potter theme park in Tokyo.

Chocolate Frog Café

Line up to a sparkly, golden counter and purchase tasty drinks like butterbeer or desserts from a magical menu.

Backlot Café

Experience a Harry Potter-themed English tea with sweets that would make Professor Umbridge drool for ¥6,500 per person. Reservations are necessary and it needs to be for a party of two or more.

Dark barrel of butterbeer at Harry Potter World Tokyo
Gotta have that butterbeer
Photo by Finn

The Food Hall

If you’re looking for more of an actual meal, head to the Food Hall where you’ll find British cuisine-inspired options.

Gift Shop

Looking to finally get your hands on a personal wand? Want a set of Gryffindor robes? You can find it all and more at the world’s largest Harry Potter gift shop.

dimly lit dungeon in Harry Potter amusement park, Tokyo
Photo by Korng Sok


In addition to all of the above, the Harry Potter theme park in Tokyo also offers several little bonuses that make the trip worthwhile:

  • Green screen experience where you can watch yourself fly around on a broom
  • Audio tour guide (for an extra cost)
  • Short film screening upon entry

Is Harry Potter Studio Park Open in Tokyo?

Harry Potter Studio Park opened on Friday, June 16th, 2023 in Tokyo. Tickets are available for purchase online, but make sure to order them well in advance!

How to Get Harry Potter World Japan Tickets

If you’re looking to hop on a train for Hogwarts, you’ll need to get tickets first. And there’s only one way to do that.

Letters scattered all around the room at Harry Potter theme park Tokyo
Unfortunately no invitations by owl
Photo by Finn

Head on over to the online ticketing counter on the Warner Bros Studio Tour site and make your purchase there. You can also pick up tickets from 3 authorized outlets:

Since entry times are staggered and tickets are limited, you’ll need to choose your entry time for the Harry Potter Studio Tour ahead of time:

  • Studio tour opens at 9:30 AM
  • First tour begins at 10 AM
  • Last tour begins at 3:30 PM
  • Park closes at 7:30 PM

You can enter every 30 minutes from 10 AM onwards and entry times change slightly based on the time of year. For example, when the park originally opened in July 2023, the last tour was at 5 PM, not 3:30.

Tickets sales are also staggered, with tickets for 2 months in advance opening at the beginning of each month. For example, at the beginning of January, tickets from January to March 31st are available.

For more info, you’ll want to subscribe to the Harry Potter tour’s newsletter.

Framed rules hanging on the wall at the harry potter tour in Tokyo
Follow the rules when you get there!
Photo by Rhii Photography

You’ll be given an online confirmation email which you can use to check in to the park in case you lose your tickets.

One other thing to be aware of: Tickets for Tokyo’s Harry Potter world are not sold on site. So don’t show up on the day of without tickets. They won’t let you in.

Hogwarts Japan Entrance Fees and Other Costs

There are two ticket options for the Warner Brother’s Studio Tour in Tokyo. The first is the basic ticket package which grants you access to all of the park’s facilities.

The second package gives you a digital guide and an official guidebook that could make for a nice souvenir.

Here‘s the cost breakdown:

AgeBase Ticket Price (¥)Ticket Package Price (¥)
0-3FreeNot Available

In addition to these fees, there’s also parking available for ¥1,800 that you can reserve through the same ticketing site.

Access to Tokyo’s Harry Potter Theme Park

You can get to the studio tour by car, but if you want the best experience, it might be best to arrive by train since the Toshimaen station was renovated to somewhat resemble Hogsmeade’s station.

A classic steam-powered train pulling into the train station near Harry Potter amusement park Tokyo
Arriving by train is part of the experience
Photo by Aditya Vyas
  • By Train – Head for Toshimaen station in Nerima ward. From there it’s a short 2-minute walk west to the theme park.
  • By Car – Purchase your car park ticket ahead of time and pull up to the studio.

Other FAQs

Have other questions? We’ve got answers.

A trolly lodged halfway into a brick wall at platform 9 and 3-quarters
Photo by Igor Sporynin

How Long Can You Stay at Harry Potter Studio?

Entry to the Harry Potter Studio grants unlimited access for the entire day, so you can stay for as long as you want. Bear in mind that the park has different opening and closing times depending on the day which you’ll need to confirm. In general, weekday tours begin at 9:00 AM and the park closes at 7:00 PM. Weekends see the park open at 8:30 AM and close at 10 PM.

Can You Do Harry Potter World in One Day?

You can easily do Harry Potter World in one day. In fact, the tour is designed to take no more than 3 hours, but your ticket gives you unlimited access to the park for the whole day. So, if you feel like staying from the time of your reservation until close, there’s nothing stopping you.

Is Harry Potter World Worth It?

Harry Potter world is completely worth it as long as you understand that it’s not a place for thrill-seekers. Instead, it’s an immersive studio tour that provides insight into how the films were made.

A person reaching out to touch a fake hippogriff's beak at the Harry Potter theme park in Tokyo
Worth it just to see Buckbeak!
Photo by Rhii Photography

Soaking up the atmosphere and popping into the shops and Harry Potter-themed restaurants will be more than satisfying for any fan of the books and movies.

How Early to Arrive for Harry Potter?

You need to reserve an entry time, and you should aim to arrive at the Harry Potter theme park at least 10 minutes before your reservation. As your ticket permits entry for the entire day, you should still be able to enter the park even after your allotted time, but the homepage isn’t clear on that.


From detailed sets and props to delicious treats sold at themed restaurants and cafes, the Harry Potter theme park in Tokyo has it all. If you’re a fan of the books or movies, there’s plenty to keep you engaged. Just make sure you get on those ticket sales far in advance.

Once you do, hop on your broom, train, or hippogriff and come on down to Japan’s very own Warner Brothers Studio Tour.

Toshimaen photo by Asanagi – Own work, CC0,